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Other Mentoring Programs

Big Brothers Big Sisters has other mentoring programs available to meet the unique needs of our community. Some of the programs being offered in our community include:


Big for a Day

The Big for a Day program is designed for wait-listed children so they may attend monthly outings while they are waiting for a Big Sister or Big Brother. The volunteer commitment is one day a month for a duration of 2-4 hours for each outing. Must be 18 years of age or older and have access to a vehicle.

Student Opportunities

High-School students (17+) can earn their required volunteer service hours by participating in the agency’s Recreation and / or In-School Mentor programs. To qualify, the student must be able to volunteer for a minimum of one hour a week during the school year, demonstrate reliability and consistency and provide 2 letters of recommendation (at least one from a teacher).

The In-School Mentor Cooperative Education Program was launched in January 2006 in partnership with Fort Erie Secondary School and Fort Erie Elementary School. This program provides a hands on learning experience for senior high school students who are considering careers such as teaching or social work. Young men and women are chosen by the high-school cooperative education coordinator to mentor a number of students in the elementary school they are assigned to, and have shown throughout their high school career that they are responsible, capable and reliable. If you are student interested in this program, please see your school coordinator to get things started.

College and University students can earn required credits through a planned internship. Contact your school guidance department or the agency for further information about student service and learning opportunities.

If you are interested in hearing more about these program, please call us today at 905-735-0570 (Welland), 905-871-8836 (Fort Erie) or by email at bigbrothersbigsisters.ca

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